Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beneath us they sleep
Above us their soul watches
No tears and no thoughts
From somewhere they still watch
No living trace of them now
But once they lived here
They walked into the cemetry
With a bunch of white roses
In the chilling rainy morning
Wept for hours in all wet
Funeral songs and tears
Grey leaves,No flowers
In their cemetry now
No more tears for the passed wind
No more smiles and flowers
Dreams they had,we live now
Smiles they sacrificed,we smile now
Flowers and farms,birds and trees
Pure hatred and divine love
Cold and bitter,black and white
Deserts and streets,towers
A walk into the past..
For the wind passed
A walk for the future
For the blowing wind

Far away in the purple light
I saw a glimpse of hope
Never ending desire to live
Persuasive light of unknown
Burning hot light shining upon me
Where are the laws of nature?
All the theories and principles
All of them hiding far away
From the hot purple light
Confused and helpless
Where Should I go?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Legend of the past following me
As I saw through my window
My silly imagination crying

Away when a train whistled
I cherished "I am off to the farms"
Just an illusion of the sonic rhythm

Moments left untold remains in the darkness
Only the dark light can reveal it
But when an old church bell rings
The locks of my hidden treasure of stories
Slowly melts to the sound of the divine alarm

It took me as an trembling shock
Then a routine,and after my only hope
I sat biting my finger nails in the back benches
All the keys lie in the sonic world

One day when they play the melody of sudden silence
I shall handover my treasure to you
To listen to who I saw inside
The melody striking chord within
Floating with the sounds of realisation
I await a silence to break the chord within
And let me fly,leaving the treasure behind
For years to come,or may be till a day
When a soul comes looking for it....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Sky
Hey how can you change so gently from pitch darkness to  the serene light blue.Everyone are asleep but I`m here awaiting your transformation.Your darkness have influenced me a lot.I never  thought its so divine to see you change yourself into a new day.You are not night anymore.You were so subtle,so gentle,so noble.I am sitting here staring at you.It is so soft and calm.I wish dusk also had this calmness.I would love to see the twilight fade into darkness

Your Devotee

All these I was too busy to see the sun rise and set.I realized now that days and nights  are nothing but the same. Soul mates.They are the symbols of change and Life cycle.
  (One of those no sleep days,I sat in the balcony of my house staring the sky from 4 am to 6 am.It was so beautiful and divine.I felt that I am really alive and everything is changing just like the sky ,even me)  
Cartoons in black with grey shades
Coffee in black with bitter taste
Church,Beach and crows
Latin songs with acoustic guitar
Slice of Bread and red wine
Rubber burning in the streets
Red and Black,No blue
Caramel in the Coffee
Golden,Its Sunset
Stars so far away
Techno and Trance
Blue,Red and violet in black
Pepper and Salt
Knives and forks
Fountain so lazy
Drowning into the water of dreams

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Her yellow scarf
My blue socks
Lost Buttons
Little ribbon

My watch
Her lipgloss
Lost keys
Little Time

Her tablets
My glasses
Lost memories
Our little Life