Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canicule heat inside 
As I hear my quelling
 Liquescent heart
Shivering in swither

Wintery chill outer
Frost and bloodless
Snowy unlike the-
white hot inside

Ablaze my spirit
Swindled passion
I was conquered

Thwarted I am
No more I am
I am no longer
I cede myself

Follow me not
Cosmic admirers
Seek me not
My livid shadows

No more deluge
No more frost
No more august
No more..No longer

Monday, April 19, 2010

I shall start with a dot.
A period of silence.
Like I one day
When I woke up
To the noise of silence
Into his arms.
No words just a period.
A million colours around
But white was the answer
Billion emotions inside
But feelings so numb
All we could do is to breathe
The luxury of being alive
Awaiting our celebration
I shall end with a dot
A period of silence...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fire breathing in my lines
Ashes of universal gloom
Glowing burning flame blue
Breathing in my gloomy poetic blue
Ashes of love that never bloomed
Ashes of blue rose that never bloomed
Fumes of lost hope spreading its scent
For the lost and hopeful eye lashes
Like the dusky dark waves so silent
Yet walking into the darkest night
Spreading fire breathing in my lines
Burning my deisre into white ash
Holy white,the darkest white
Still fuming spreading the scent
For the dusky wave lashes