Thursday, December 20, 2012

A sip of Cola,sweet and chilled
Cold eyes and sweaty hands
Walking alone questioning you
I believed in tears and joy
I ran alone believing you
I condemned the past and history
Sad,No one calls this poetry
I exist,I believe,I am scared
I am ashamed,Yes..I am a man
A wallet full of cash and proof
That I existed and Who I am!
I am a number,a citizen
I vote and I am one of you
A can of beer,bitter and chilled
Shivering hands and guilt
Words of my mother and Gurus
I sat with me,Myself and me
Put an arm across my shoulder
Im sad that I exist,Why?
The shame of being alive
The shame of being a man
God faded with the innocence
And reality became my lord
Her intense eyes stare at me
Myself is walking away from me
You deserve to be happy
Said the believers,And mother
I sat with a pile of cash
I took in some white stash
They sang around me...
For the shame of being alive
I died..With this poem
He died,He lived..
My inner reflection died
As water is no more clear
His fear died...

- Kris