Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Then I slept to the sound of crickets
Repeated sound of raw symphony
Late in the night,Arayappan sang
Melody of pain in an intoxicated mind
Then a loud cry of Mariyamma and kochu
Tears of hatred,love and fear
Slowly the door shut,I was asleep
Then woke up to see a Millipede
Crawling on my wooden floor
Million legged beauty in motion
Shattered dreams on the floor
Few paintings of grey and blue
In the deep hours of sleep
My old owl wept with the thunder showers
Singing the midnight hymn like Mariyamma
Sudden lightening,moment of blindness
I was sleeping alone,on a grey canvas
Looking lost and intellectually confused
Then this morning,Arayappan woke me up
Brought me a black tea and newspaper
Talked about the money,his economics
Kochu went to school again in tears
My old owl was blind again,like Arayappan at night
I woke up lost,just like I was the last night
I woke up and found,my bottle of brandy
And few brushes,Then I had to make a choice
Red or blue,Green or white or Just black
Owl sat looking at my canvas,Arayyapan too
They saw the same painting,Blinded by light
Slowly with each sip,I started making sense
My painting went blind,I slept on them
Then I woke up to the loud cry of Mariyamma
Thunder showers and a shouting Arayappan
Owl looked in distress,as lightening began
Silent in fear and Silent in happiness.
Trying to find sense in everything and everyone
I wrote a poem,because once she said "I am a poet"
- Kris