Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was about the weather
Then he told about his song

Another stanger left him alone
And he walked with a smile

Wishing everyone a great day
He walked with head up high

Never ever he cried
In front of his strangers

He was pleasant and chirpy
Said the cigerette man

No,Never he talked death
Or black,grey or blue

He smiled again in pain
Worried about his breathe

Eyes set so high to sky
He walked to his love

A new street by the sea
Filled with new faces

He walked in gusto
He sang his puerto rican

He looked around whistling
His eyes struck a lady

He walked to her
It was about her shoes

The classy french veal
And her Celine bag

He spoke to the madame
In french with finesse

Then he told about his song
Only for her to leave

Dark,white and brown

Anonymous beauty
For him..She was

Anonymous friend
The other was..

Mother,once a stranger
His very first one

Then a few others
In this world of strangers

He walked for his love
To meet new strangers

To start with the weather
Then to his song

"Why do I need friends?
When the world is filled
With fascinating people
Called My Strangers"


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only you can feel my loneliness
Away from the crowd,when I walk
Alone,I sing to the wind
And dance with my freedom
Away from everyone
I play the game,Hop hop
Only to lose and to win
To run in the rain
To count the white windows
Of that lonely house,like me
Only you can listen my laughter
When I laugh with the old well
Throwing pebbles in it
Only you can stay silent
When my eyes stare at the clouds
Till the grey pours again
I run in this rain
I dance to the tunes
Of that loneliness
So close to insanity I live
Only to love loneliness
Like no one has ever done
Only you can feel my loneliness
Because It is only me and you,Loneliness