Saturday, April 14, 2012

Like that small bottle of ink
Spreading the scent of blue love
Painted in a dark room
Intoxicated with sleep
"Ah,my love.Ah,my own"
Were the lines ringing
In my heart.
In the love blue,ink
In a trance,I closed my eyes
Words mumbled out
One by one,
Words wet,love blue
And the darkness
Turned the other blue
Indigo blue less,
Darkness faded
My heartbeat slowed
Ah,my love.Ah,my own 
She said.
If not forever.
Just for a night
All wet in the blue love
She kissed me deep
With her breathe
With her words.
Leaving me deep
Into the vast blue ocean
Of overwhelming poetic peace. love,Ah my own.
I said.
It was never forever.
Not even for a night.
It was just that moment.
When our hearts sang
"Ah,my love,Ah,my own.
Not forever,not for a night
Just for this kiss of blue love"

Enough abt the wind of this summer
Sad notes about the lack of thunder
Shabby shirt and moth,Save him
Disgust on their faces,Save them
They sing,They pray,They walk in his bed
Stay away,Be fair,Do care
They shout at him

Unfair,Unfaced,Understanding,I am
Under the influence of life, I am
He says it,with dignity and pride
Of owning nothing,but a body.
Look at me,In disgust and pity
Yes,I am a misfit,not worth a penny
Because,If you start looking at me
And wonder,then wander and wonder
I may creep into your mind
Steal your dreams and wishes
Leaving you like me,Self loved beloved
Under the influence of life
He says it,with dignity and pride
Of owning nothing,but a body.
Enough about the meadows,doves and parrot
Lets sing about this free bird
With nothing in his pocket
He isnt right,He isnt wrong
He just has a life of his own
- Kris

Saturday, April 7, 2012

In the deep floors of his mind
Or any human,A wish lives
To fly like bird
Fly away leaving her body
Into the planes of truth
Belief and Music
In the deep floors of her mind
Or any human,A wish lives
To swim like a fish
To go deep inside our soul
To find the pearl of fate
All that is seen,heard and felt
Is just crispy dry mud on her skin
When I love,we know
When you fight we know
When she breathes we know
Sing aloud like the wind
Let the sounds fly
Let the minds go
To a plane of lies
But the real truth

To fly like a bird
We live in a nest
Made of love,trust,hope
Oh.Dear life breathe slow