Monday, May 10, 2010

The painful walk to the breeze
My painful lines of a grey breathe
I walked in pace to the green wind
Fresh,cool and murmuring its story
Flowing spring walking the same
Flowing into the rocky beauty
I turned to wish the blue eyes
For giving a dream to walk on

My tears started to escape free
From the frozen part of my heart
Delicate smile frozen,melting
Those strands of hair free
Flowing with the sparkling blue
Pushing me into endless gloom
No words,No thoughts
No light again,Lost darkness
Black moon came shining above
In a night where my origin weeps
I felt my hands sleeping unware
To my relief,It came and went
Leaving a rusty mark in my soul
Hope I never again breathe grey
Hope I never ever see it flow
My painful lines of a grey breathe
Too painful to be called a Nightmare.....