Friday, November 12, 2010

Snowfall, It is winter again. I took my walking stick and slowly got up from my rocking chair. It is my umpteenth winter. Bald and wrinkled now and grey eyebrows have started to go white, but it is not the time think about past.

The kettle whistles


“Aye Marounne”

“Si, Padre” Marounne shouted from the kitchen.

I am 86,this winter.No..No..It is not the time to look back.

Slowly I held my cross chain and walked to door.

“Marounne” Aye Marounne

“Si,Padre” Marounne said calmly and brought my fur coart and shawl.

“Lock the Door” I warned her

“Si,Padre” She smiled

“Usted está buscando gorgeous,niño”  I said  and walked out to the white street with a smile.  

                                        *                                *                            *

“Lailaaaaaaa…..” give me a cup of tea dear! Aslam requested.

“This is your fourth tea this morning. No more tea” She said in a angry tone


“You wont be able to sleep,Bhai” She said

“It is so cold and raining,Tea and rain what a combination” he said staring the rain through the window and playing with his white beard.

“Rehna should have been there”He started

But Laila interrupted.

“Rehna..Rehna.. Bhai I am not Rehna di”

“I have lots and lots of work here.I have to go to school pick the Adil and Sarfu from there.”

She shouted,then gave Aslam bhai a stern look with her dark eyes.And stormed out of the hall.

Aslam said to himself in a low tone

“Rehna would have made spicy pakoda and masala Chai” And he slowly went into his thoughts.

Suddenly he came back from his past and walked towards the window.Rain was pouring down and Jaleel was busy making Hot jalebi.Rain and Jalebi not a bad combo Aslam said smiling showing his single tooth left.

                                           *                     *                     *
Ammu kutty bring that small packet Rasna” Srilaskmi told with a kiddish smile

“Amma,It has got sugar”Doctor has asked you to avoid sugar.He has told me to keep an eye on you” Ammu said in a jaded tone.

“Ok..If you don’t want to bring it.You cant tell it on my face.Why bring doctors and other excuses into this.Baskar was also doctor. He never tiold me I am diabetic”SriLakshmi said all annoyed

“Amma,one packet Rasna.That’s it it right? Which flavor?

“Mango” Srilaksmi was happy and smiling now.

“Ok” Ammu smiled."Even after celebrating her 60th birthday.My Amma is still the same”.Ammu walked recalling her kiddish mothers funny past.

Slowly Srilakshmi got up from the verandah. And shouted to Ammu who has walked a fair distance.

“Mangoes have riped.Call Sankaran and ask him to bring someone”

Ammu turned back,shook her head and winked at Srilakshmi.And continued walking.

“Summer is becoming really hot and long” Srilakshmi said looking up at the yellow mango bunch

She then walked inside switched on the fan and TV.

                     *                                   *                                 *
Retired” a silly strange and a difficult word”

Relieved with all my duties as  THE PROFESSIONAL GUY.
Man! 35 years of service.I don’t think I have make big mistakes.
Yeah!Sacked a sexy secretary.
Sad I know.
But it was for Jane.
I didn’t want her spying on me.Well,everything over now.I think I made enough money.Yeah!I couldn’t take my family to an Indian Restaurant every Sunday. Still got a hefty amount in my account.Hmm…Got promotions regularly. Well couldn’t be CEO.But I loved my job as THE FINANCE GUY! Now my daughters is married.Oh..She looked beautiful in her wedding gown.

Well,Its time to rest now. Go on a long holiday! Jane wanted to go on all America Tour.
From Alaska to Buenos to NY to Rio to Peru.

At last! I can say I have nothing to do.

Alan. You are a free man. Like the squirrels and mice in my storeroom. And its not the time to look back. It is time to look forward.

As the leaves shed for an early autumn. I am going fishing, few golf lessons, open few whiskey bottles.

                          *                            *                         *

Padre walked through snowy streets, Aslam waited for his next tea.Srilaksmi watched cricket sipping chilled Rasna.Alan shot his first eagle and his first under par round.Then kept a white rose in his wife Jane's grave.

“It is time to look forward” They all said.