Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blue waves
Silent yet so stressed
One after another
Blue they come
Black caves
Dark yet one`s nest
Unexplored earth mother
Few they come
My waives
Alone so depressed
Future in smother
Where to escape from
Tales of braves
Lots heard and impressed
Who lived for the other
Scarce they come
Blank waves
Unable to protest
Living just for the other
A life just so numb

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It was seen in his eyes
Little ones
Like those black pebbles
Under the spring
Of his childhood summer

It is seen again
In his smiles
Like a hawk from the west
Exuberant smile
Unlike his usual lazy smirk

Shy,he was years back
An anxious kid fearful
A chunk of ice
Liquifing itself
Afraid and hiding

Shy,he walks this monsoon
Drenched in rain
No longer afraid
He is walking with a rose
Shy,No fear or a tear
As the rain reigns
He is shy all over again

It is that small lantern

As the dawn fades
It Fades Away
As its dull light
Disapprears into Light
New Sunshine
The humble light

It is those kind words
As the World
Breaks wide open
All that was said
Is the obvious
Words forgotten
So fast

Smiles disappear
And dusk
New faces
Remain new forever
Its time for the lantern
Words echoing
From deep inside

Darkness remain
For the ignoring ones
Waiting for a sun
That will never rise
Unending tales
Dawn and dusk
And of fading
Old words...