Friday, February 26, 2010

I have to leave you tonight
Its late and its chilling outside
I can sit and watch you sleep,But
With your each slow rhythmic breath
I am getting late and confused
I am helpless tonight and in tears

I wished you goodnight tonight
With no guts say goodbye
I dont know what to take
I am going with lots of memories
I dont know what to take
I wish you could come with me

I am smiling at myself with tears tonight
I can sit and watch you all night
With each minute passing by
My heart is getting heavier
Again Im confused,what not to take
I can take things Im fond of
Even those smiling pictures

Its getting even more cold
I am leaving,Still Confused
I dont know what to take with me
Even If take everything with me
You will be left here and my soul
I am leaving you tonight..........Goodbye

Journey has just begun
Words of anger and despair
Fading as I travel into the world
With the scent of midnight flowers
Intoxicating smiles and faces
Moon and her stars shining abode
Rivers sparkling in her wedding attire
Artistic and beyond my imagination
Chiling wind pasing in a symmetry
Wet earth with tender greenery
Where moonlight shines on the dewdrops
Winter cold with monsoon feel
My heart is feeling the tender touch
Of tiny droplets kissing my soul

The journey has just begun
Far away beyond white peaks
Feeling oceanic attraction
Calling me to dive into her
To touch the spirit inside

Blank Infinity behind me now
As I started from nowhere
And vast heaven ahead
Water shattering on black rocks
As I stand on a white cloud
Waiting for her arrival

I ve tasted everything around me
Grey and monsoon clouds gathered
As she embraced me with her eyes
With her scintillating desire
Igniting a new world of fire

Clouds passed with wind
Shining moon came singing
Along with the tiny stars
"Your Journey has just begun"

-- Kris

Hid behind the stairs with wet eyes
From the cane and angry father
Tears rolled out in fear and anxiety
Shivered under the darkness inside
In no time he took me out of hiding
But With a smile and gave me a hug

Decided I will never be a coward
Face life with my chin up
Those words he told helped me
Never to go back under the stairs
Always stood up and climbed the steps

Until today, I'm back under the stairs
Decades later I'm back to who I was
The same scent of darkness even now
Tears flowing down,my broken dreams
Shivering from the cold shattered hopes
Ashamed,I never thought Id be back
Hiding like a coward from the world
Under the stairs amid dust and darkness
I am sitting just as I sat at six
Now all grown up,still an helpless coward...


Melting with the glaciers of the south
I stand with hopes on a single day
Sky is clear,But my path is clouded
Grey and black moonsoon clouds
I stand with hopes on a single Night
Dreamless night,But fantasy inside
Melting with the darkness at night
As the silent fire melting my night
Bright sunshine wishing me goodbye
As I part with dawn and dusk
As I part with day and night

But far beyond the glaciers I see spring
I stand with hopes on a single day
When I get to see flowers and bees
Sparkling waters and ducks
I stand with hopes on a single night
To see starry sky and moonlight
To sleep with blank in silence
So guide me light and wind
Through my dreamless nights
And through the grey clouds
Towards my dreams I am walking
Trusting the light and wind....