Monday, September 27, 2010

My Best FB status Updates


 I dono whether to cry or smile..And I stand ther cnfused for few seconds..And there the moment hs gne..Evry1 thnks Im feelingless n nt emotional..But I wantd to cry and smile..Infct im ovr emotional and got too many feelings..They just cncel out..


When you get to know thers no meaning in lyf..U can cry and get depressed..Or you can smile and laugh..Njoy the meaningless joke coled Lyf.


Without a pianist,a piano is useless..Without a piano,a pianist is still an artist..

Little Brother

When I ws taken with the handcuff by sheriffs..My little bro stood shockd staring at me..I could ve just winked at him..But why give him false hope again..One he l have to realise the truth that his big bro aint ZORRO hiding his identity..But just a thief with a black mask ashamed of his own deeds


I am not talking you..I knw you are jealous..I said..She walkd away in tears..And it startd to rain as she walkd thru d lane..All my anger vanished and I ran towards her..Thn justWalked with her in the rain..We cntinued walking..Till the rain stoppd..Till we bth sneezd holding each others hand..And it startd raining again


Boredom is only for the people who are bored..a gr8 thot by a bored soul..Boredom is 4 ppl who got nothing to do..I envy thm..I dnt evn hav nothng to do..


Why is she following frm d day i ws born?..Dear moon,i aint tht special..


I hope I will never get to know you..Becoz once I get know you..Il have to name you as a friend..Or As my love....Or As my crush..Or As jus sum1 I knw..Or may b sumthin else..But nethin will b as sacred as this..Being Anonymous..I hope we never get to know each other..


 Its scary,so Im scared..


 But..Y is it?Or is it?..Yeah..So dats it?Oh..It is that..K..All doubts clear.....Hm..But thn?


Suddenly wen i saw it blinking..I ws confused..thn I thot i was dumb..thn i thot its new technology..thn a guy came to me n said..Its a new device coled BLINKER!!


Free thinking is d way frwd..Respct the beliefs..Respect the culture..Respct d past..But think free..Break the shackles..Feel d freedom..Be civilized,but let your thoughts wander like a nomad..


I am blind so I cnt listen!!!

My Best FB status Updates


She*:I love strawberries,
He: I eat strawberries..

She*:Oh luk tht Puppy,aww..So sweet,He:I never tastd dogs..

She*:Look at her attitude :|,

He:She looks better than you...

He:I hate girls

She*:C'mon Im a girl,

He: ;)..

She*:I want Ice cream,

He:I want a ferrari..

She*: I love you! ♥


 *Terms and conditions do not apply...

Lost in translation

I said Hai..And she thot I ws yawnin..Coz she is boring..I ws dumb and she ws deaf..


Obsessed..A dream..Evry shrill sound arnd telling me tales..Blue shining lamp tld me the story of a wedding tht neva took place..Rusted gate tld me sad story of a kid who climbed her and broken her hand..Lots to write..Laziness..My curse


Meow!,the lion said,the wolf ws shocked and it controlled all its instincts..held its breath,thn with all its power,he said Mooo!..By thn the jury ws out..And the surprise winner ws Gorilla for his "Why so Serious"!!!