Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lemonade,I thought for a moment
No I cant
An immature taste bud`s attempt
No,was the order by my doctor

Citrus juice oozed out
When squeezed, from its wedge
Scent,so tarty spread all around
I looked in despair into their glasses
Where ice cubes floated lazily
And sweating in its own chill
Cloudy looks tempting me

Sir u want,Its chilled
A question came putting me in a dilema
Taste buds including the mature ones
Started buzzing and fizzing
Utter chaos inside
Eyes and nose also joined them
Keeping me fixed on to those glasses
Sudden thirst and time moving in slow motion
A decision was there to be made
Alas!Someone has won
My senses or my own senses
I am not telling you who won
Because no matter who wins
Taste or health,I will lose one of them
So in the end,I am the loser..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When world is gifting you a testimonial symphony
In the crowd behind you I am standing with a viola
Playing my sonata amid base and Cellos
Even when master is playing heavenly rhythms
I am playing the notes I ve always failed to string
A last resort hoping you will turn around
Listening to a musician in vain

I kept on finding excuses and reasons
Never let my fingers free on to those strings
I lay playing those melodies that kept you smiling
Never let your eyes wet with blue melodie
When I stood on those musicals with my little viola
Never thought one day I ll end up like this

I failed to see your eyes among burst of laughter
And kept on singing old fiddle country songs
I was nervous with my own composition
Mere thoughts of your smiles fading
Kept me playing ones you liked until now

Even when master is playing ethereal rhythms
I am playing my own notes
Hoping for a rhythmic Illusion
And you will turn around
To see a musician,not a mere fiddler
Who kept on playing empty love songs
Now playing with his heart with passion......


Shyness in those crystalline eyes
And impatience in anticipation
A drop of anger,with silent flow of tears

Those eyes wait for signs of love
Kept me awake through the moonson
And kept me silent in the downpour

Anguish evident in those eyes
Made me feel the pain of unending wait
Sympathy towards those tearlets
And those crystal blue eyes kept me awake

Those eyes had signs of losing its verve
Yet kept asking questions
Where I stood self lovingly silent

As I didnt want to see those blue crystals snivel
Which made me gaze at its chilling spark
When hhose eyes called for help and support
Even then my ego kept me silent from the truth

Those eyes never wept in despair
Hoping one day it will see signs of love
But kept me awake through seasons and seasons.....

The lights went on and curtain went off
Moments passed with violin tunes
Subtle change in emotions and expressions
All in front of my very own eyes in flashes
His loud anger and sudden outbursts
And her wet eyes and unending despairs
With blue shades of light and silence
Symphonies so common,yet left me touched
As she lay on the prairies praising new moon
Unheard poertry,yet left me touched

As the play explored new plains and land
I flet his arrogance painful and anger too
Sympathy towards her crept in
But I am helpless,a mere audience

The curtain fell with a slow suddeness
Leaving me no option than to leave
But now even more confused and helpless
Than when I lived with them,

Realisation of selflessness and love
Shattered my ego and myself
Ashamed or apologetic,I am confused
As I took steps down,even beneath myself

For them its a play and they do play it well
And for them the show will go on
For me Its already curtains
Leaving me alone and nothing to show...