Friday, October 28, 2011

In between those old trees
The absence of nothing lived
So transparent..
Divided they loved
Away from each other
They fell in love
So close they lived
Seperated by the world
I saw sunsets and autumns
Through that gap of love
They stood together
Away they grew
I played my violin
Sitting between those trees
I sang my song
Sitting between those trees
So divided I was
I found solace between them
I was in search for,
The absence of everything
And absence of nothing I found
In between me and myself
The absence of nothing lived
Now birds sit on me
And the bees and the little boy
So close I live
When seperated I smile,laugh
And cry


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Again I am vying for more rain
To fall on my wet body
Walking in this ceremony
Of love where sky meets her,earth
I begin to go backwards
Flowing with the rain streams
To that pool of love
To dive deep and float again
Deeper in its floors
My old poems sing my lies
Afloat I stare the grey
Rejoicing the rain of love
Thunder and lightening
My hearbeat and smiles
All syncing with this
Ceremonial rain of love
I am lost in this blue
Of chilled rain pool
As water seeps inside
Making my heart warm
Longer I flow in this madness
The more rain,I wish for
Again my poems never lie
In the deepest trench
Lies those painful lines
Never washed away by any rain of love
                 - Kris