Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In this desert of happiness
I stay still watching a mirage
Afraid of it fading into a lie
Believing in a mirage is my hope
As stars no longer show me the west
And I don't have place to rest
In this blessed world of the cursed
I play the fool pretending hope
Anticipating a messiah
To lend me a camel and water
False hope in a smart fool
Absurd thoughts in misery
I honestly believe in that mirage
As I see it far away all green
I may never reach there on time
Never before it fades away
I stall still in indecision and hope
Mirage is my only hope now
Messiah is always on his way
Or being miserable gives me joy
Remaining still in this desert sun
May be the mirage awaits the messiah
To reach before it fades
And I am stuck waiting for myself
Am I the insane messiah?
Or the sane fool who makes sense?

A handful sugar in my pot
White sand of sweetness
Like diamond and marble bits
Innocence in its shine

Golden caramel in my pot
Melting hot spreading its scent,
Of the sweet sugar days
And fumes of white past

Fire burning my pot
Into black and dark
Spreading fumes 
Burnt sweetness 

Fire is out and sugar
No caramel and sweetness
Black fumes ash scent
No spark no shine

All ashes and dark now
Once white and sweet
Without a bright past
Never a dark day

Flames of life will burn
Even the sweetest
Ashes is the end
And the beginning

Funeral and fumes
Innocence and its smile
Ashes and carbon
Sugar and its caramel

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Innocence of the dawn
Darkness of the night
Stars are yet to sleep
Dark angels in deep sleep
Sacred hymns await
Trance fading into silence
All the wet sober eyes
Asleep in tears
Irrational hope
Awake with fear
Innocent dawn
Turbulent nightmares
Sacred Beliefs
Rational Insecurity
Milk and whisky
Day and her night