Sunday, February 26, 2012

Looks like I will have to leave you alone
Keep the white crayons in your box
Looks like I will have to leave you alone
Don't play with the fish bowl and wet socks
Looks like I will have to leave you alone
Don't walk without tieing your laces
Looks like I will have to leave you alone
Don't drive your bike so late at night
Looks like I will have to leave you alone
No,She is not the one for you
Looks like I will have to leave you
Tell her,I always loved her
Looks like I will have to leave you
Don't work late and come home soon
Looks like I will have to leave you
Don't be so harsh on the little one,I never was!
Looks like I will have to leave you
Leave your hair grey,looks good and smart
Looks like I will have to leave you
Looks like I will have to leave you
Looks like I will...

- kris

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Here touch me,she sang
Into that deep and vast love
To flow with the desire of life
Into a wider world more deeper
Again touch me,she called
You are alone,the breeze sang
With that the soul cried
"Let me go into a world
Soft and bright,Sky"
He jumped onto her call
Into the deep floors of life
She,his new lover,the river
He was deep in her arms
Wet,gasping for death
Flowing towards a deeper sea
His God,vast blue ocean
His soul flew to the sky
Towards softer planes
Brighter sky never blue
One love to a deeper love
From that desire for mortal love
To the desire of life
Here touch me,she sang
Here touch me,I sang
Her waves,wet my feet
My words,wet her eyes
Here touch me,we sang
Again touch me,we called


Sunday, February 19, 2012

That girl who smokes - 2

You knew about her.I was sitting with you with my usual dark black coffee!You knew her during your school days.
You didnt like her at all.You stayed away from her company.She was that girl who thought different.

Who is she? I asked you again!You told shes is your classmate.I continued sipping my coffee looking at your eye brows!Weirdly thin!

What? You asked me

"Nothing" I said

You were busy checking my phone and texts!

And I was looking at her,she was smoking sitting with Rahuls friend behind you.

Not a friend,Rahul hates him.

My eyes were glued on her.The way she sits,talks and holds the cigarette between her fingers.

"Dont look at her" You said.

I smiled and asked about your boyfriend.And you started about how busy he is these days.
You kept telling me that I must shave.I must change my hairstyle and my dressing sense.
And you touched my cheeks.

"What?" I shouted

"Nothing" you said.

Suddenly she looked at me.I could see clearly that she is looking at me.

I tried not to look at her.And you were also upset because I shouted.I was angry but as usual I let it go and decided to bribe you.
And bought you a brownie.

"Who is She?" I asked you again

You got angry.

"Why do you want to know?" You asked me in a harsh tone.

"Chumma" I said.It was our little sweet word for "just like that"

You suspiciously looked at my cheesy smile.

"Dont..No..Dont" You said.

"What?" I asked you

I was clueless!!

You said you wanted to leave the coffee shop.All of a sudden.

I paid the bill.

You stood,looked at her and said "Goodbye"

I stood there.

She looked at me and smiled.

"Neha" She said

He is 'Kris' You said.

We looked at each other in a usual stranger's silence.

"Bye" You said again

"I have seen you somewhere" She said to me.

"I come here often" I said.

And you pulled me and walked away from there.

You asked me.

Who is she?

"Your classmate" I said

Who is she? You asked me in that way,where I am supposed to say the truth.

"That girl who smokes" I said

- kris

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That beautiful girl who looked Ugly!!

I am his nobody!I went to see him with JennyM.My childhood friend!Shes been my friend since that first day in school!
I slept on her shoulder on the first day! Well,I think Im talking a lot again!Ok!Jenny is my best friend!

This is an incident that hurt me a lot.
I woke up early that day.It was A surprisingly good hairday for me!That little pimple on my forehead was gone as well.
Hibiscus solution worked I guess.
I took a long shower and wore that new peach coloured Kurti my brother gifted me ON my bday!
In no time I was in Barista,Coffee shop,waiting for my Jenny,she was late AS usual.
"Iced Americano" I shouted to Rohan.
I am a regular here,so I know all the waiters.

After 30 mins,Jenny came..Junk Wear as usual.I ws disappointed in her.She has never had a dressing sense!

We were there to meet her sister's friend's Brother.In short, she likes him. And he was in our city, so she asked him whether they could meet.
Jenny is A shy girl who would never talk about her feelings or about guys!But this guy was different.
She was 'abnormally' vocal about this guy!

He came in about 10 mins later


"My boring day continues in this city,Pathetic breakfast,could not smoke as well.Last nights hangover and driving all day yesterday as well"
I knew I was tired and moody!I hate meeting girls whom I didnt know well.Ive met jenny only twice.One at my sisters wedding.Then on for my 
birthday treat,we do text a lot though"

I could see her sitting in the Coffee shop.She was sitting with a beautiful girl.My mood was now getting better.Jenny is one of those girls
you would never think of as A Girl,She is that tomboy girl wearing junk,never melodramatic or cheesy.

Her friend was wearing a peach colored Kurti,Angelic beauty.I love girls with wavy hair.She was everything I like in a girl as far as looks goes!

I went and sat with them.We talked weather,movies and THE weather again.John Abraham! of all people!

I was getting bored with them, but mere glances of her was worth listening to (BORING TOPICS).By the way her name was Anjaly!

Jenny was acting really close to me in front of her,But I thought it to be good for me as I'd have more access to this Angelic Anjaly.

But all of sudden,Anjaly said "Well,I guess Ill have to leave you both,you best mates sit and talk"

I panicked,I was listening to crap, about things I didnt care for all this while ,only to get Anjaly`s number.

But before I could act.Anjali left.Without even SAYING a GOODBYE

I was all possesed about her.Didnt even care abt jenny!As soon as she left.I told Jenny that Im gonna leave as well

I felt as if I was treated like shit by Anjaly, as if I Was some pervert!

I recollected the conversation and realised, that Anjaly didnt even make eye contact or talk to me directly all this while!

I got angry at myself for having lost my senses in her beauty.

I have never seen Ashley so weird,I could make out from the way he was talking, that he doesnt see me that way.
Poor Anjaly tried real hard, to get me talking,even tried to leave early,(BEFORE WENT TO TOILET),went to get coffee so that we would sit and talk!
But he was looking elsewhere,He got bored TOO,I could see that.And I could make out with the speed with which he left too.Its as though he was waiting to leave.
I went to Anjali,she was strangly silent.Though she said it was nothing,I understood that something had happened between her and the cute waiter guy Rohan"
Is he a pervert?I dont think so,He looked into my eyes so many times.why would he do so?I was confused!He was weird.He doesnt like Jenny!I know that
now!He sees her AS a friend.Just a ("Go to girl").I got confused!I think he likes me.I felt strange!I liked him to be honest!But I cant backstab my friend.
Im sure he would ve felt that I was ignoring him.But I had no choice!

"Hey,Anjaly!What do you think?
"Hmm..I dont know ya!
"I dont think so ya" Jenny talked, trying to convice herself
"hmmm" Anjaly said
"Look he just texted me" Jenny shouted
"Lemme check" Anjaly said
And grabbed Jennys fone!

It read "If you were bringing a friend,couldnt ya just bring any of ur good looking pretty,friends!"

Anjaly left passing me the fone.Walked away as if nothing has happened.
Jenny text him back
"She read"
I walked away with one of the worst insults of my life!May be he didnt like me!And doesnt like Jenny as well!What a bastard!Men!Ugh
He had never talked like this before,may be he is not as special as I thought!Or was he just joking!May be he was joking!I shouldnt have allowed
Anjaly to check my fone!I'm his special friend he has the right to teaseme about my best friend.
She was the one!I just screwed it up!My anger,my ego is my downfall,Ive hurt a girl today and probably she wont forget and forgive me ever for life!
I feel sick!I feel disgusted!

"Im sorry,Anjaly" 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That girl who smokes - I

She walked inside the cafe,smoking a cigarette in a red top and blue jeans!She was more dusky now!I was surprised to see her!It was my first day in my native after three years,I knew her during my tuition class days!I once asked her name,and she ridiculed me.In my three years in Bangalore,I was looking for a gal just like her and was surprised to see her on my first day back!I walked past her,she did not notice me at all,she looked a little drunk!I was not disappointed!I was not happy!I'm now married to being single and my hopes and fears are now different!That urge to walk with someone cool in my teenage has passed.Someone like Avirl Lavigne I used tell it to my school mates,Dark Avril,one school mate used to call her!Dusky evenings in deserted coffee pubs in Bangalore with happy and 'white gals'!Vodka,Fags,Joints!I fell in love with a few there! Finally I got bored with the blue lamps!Hotel rooms and blankets!I came back today morning!Came back to my home!To see her again,see her smoke again!Now a dusky lost gal,a little drunk,a little more old!This time I did not ask her name!I just walked past her!! - kris