Monday, November 28, 2011

This early morning
When the scent of laziness spreads in his room
When he loves the songs of his neighbour boy
Resonating like the summer cuckoo`s cry for water
Mistaken for song by some

That early morning
When tea is warm and streets deserted
No cactus or sand,just dancing newspapers
To the tunes of sea breeze
Or Land Breeze?,He wonders
Among the dunes of regrets
He walked in haste more for his watch
More for his match,like once for math

These early mornings
Awake listening to morning prayers of the mosque
When tommorow is today,And yesterday is today
He is awake for this morning
But he wakes up for that morning

This early morning
No alarming songs,just the neighbour boy
That early morning
Snooze and alarms,for his watch,match
Like once for math

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All my problems and weaknesses.
 Anti-Demonize themselves
 In a space between me and myself
 With their persistent nagging
 Flattering myself and my ego!
 When a chained myself
 Starts praising the subtle symmetry
 Of the never existent chain
 I sleep into the interwoven tales of my past and fantasy
 Where evil never fights the good
 As  these dreams were born before we humans did
 Later I cease to exist and everything around
 Turns into a mirage of reality
 Evn these words are never thought,
 All kept somewhere in a sequence
 To drip drop by drop
 Awake walking among you,is this myself
 Unaware of the evil or existence

It is so easy for you
With your dark hair
And enchanting smile
To live your life with joy
Full of smiles,laughs and jokes

It is so easy for them
With their money and power
And their will to suceed
Full of anger and gusto
Classy,yet cruel
It is so easy
To be myself
In my room 
In front of a mirror
To cry with joy
And laugh in tears
It is so weird for you
As I walk unshaved
Dressed like this
Talking about uncertainty
Not about shoes
It is so funny for them
As I make no sense
Look down and out
Dream longer than I sleep
See slower than they think
This is so easy for me
To be silent to this noise
Write words that never rhymes
To live with this real freedom
With the choices I have made
- kris