Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like this night
When I am sleep
Unaware of my little scar
Breathing the fresh monsoon wind
I am dreaming the pink sky
And blue earth
Unaware of the pain and blood oozing out
I am asleep in my world of the unknown

As once my love,she is awake
In despair and in tears
Disturbed and sleepless she writes
About my scar in distress
Awake in the world she lives
In my unknown pain and scars
Awake all night in tears
As I am asleep travelling miles
Into the future and past

Like this night
When I am asleep and awake but deluded
She breathes for me
She beats for me
She grew up with me
Only to be left alone
By a selfish soul
In search new pastures in  an unknown world
I live or will live long
Only If she loves and keeps loving me

But a night like this
I shall leave her alone
To travel  far to see the blue earth
And the pink sky,World unknown

- Kris